My research has grown out of wondering how things with intentional content (things like perceptual representations or desires) should be understood in relation to thoughtless, physical processes often called "lower-level" parts of nature (things like the activity in a neural network, or the flow of blood). I am now especially interested in the theoretical conception of the body of an intentional agent as it is relevant to questions that bridge neuroscience, cognitive science, psychology, and philosophy. 

My PhD Dissertation was co-supervised by Gary Hatfield and Lisa Miracchi, and is titled "Cognition in Nature: Information, Explanation, and Embodiment." An abstract is included in my CV

I am currently a gadfly in a theoretical neuroscience lab, aiming to improve my ability to convey ideas between philosophy and neuroscience and to collaborate on research that brings together the perspectives of these fields.


Natural Information, Factivity and Nomicity

Referee Report of (Hypothetical) Phliosophy 101 Textbook

A Philosophical Understanding of Representation for Neuroscence

(with Ben Lansdell and Konrad Kording)

Complexity in Agential Systems

(with Sonia Roberts and Lisa Miracchi)

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Symposium: Affirming Black Excellence in Cognitive Neuroscience

Cognitive Neuroscience Society 2021 Virtual

A Philosophical Understanding of Representation for Neuroscience

Neuromatch 3.0

The Factivity and Nomicity of Information

Southern Society for Philosophy and Psychology

Neural Dynamics and Inner Representations

SUNY Potsdam conference on Philosophy of Psychology

Weakness of Will, Resolutions, and Desires

The Philosopher's Cocoon Conference