I am a postdoctoral researcher in the department of neuroscience at the University of Pennsylvania. I recently received my PhD in Philosophy from UPenn, specializing in philosophy of mind and philosophy of the sciences of mind. My dissertation investigated how intentional, cognitive processes fit into a naturalistic perspective of the world, and especially the sense in which such processes are embodied. I am now the resident philosopher in Kordinglab and an affiliate of MINDCore, working to build on my doctoral research, learn more neuroscience, and help critically examine our assumptions about the brain and mind. 

Before moving to Philly I received my JD from Yale, where my research focused on ethical and legal responsibility and their relation to different mental states. I am also a dancer with many years of experience performing, competing, choreographing, and teaching various hip-hop styles. I am also a devoted father, and I like to play basketball, music, and videogames.